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February 2016

A fundraising idea

As mentioned above, Sydney Art Exchange recently had an exhibition at Bondi Beach Pavilion Gallery at which they raised funds for the Bridge for Asylum Seekers Foundation. The group of five artists — Elke Wohlfahrt, Corinne Brittain, Anya Pesce, Kerry MacAulay and Eleanor Er — has been working together for over six years, supporting each other in their art making.


For their latest exhibition, the artists took a theme of LOSS. Noticing that there are hardly any seashells on Bondi Beach, they took shells as their motif. They made sugar shells, put them on the beach and allowed the waves to wash them away and dissolve. They videoed this and played the video in the gallery along with a display of their paintings and prints, which all featured loss in some way — of memory, of the environment, words, culture and of lost histories.


The artists recognised that refugees feel a very deep sense of loss, so they decided to raise money for refugees with the excess sugar shells they had made. Visitors were invited to take a sugar shell for a gold coin donation to raise funds for the Foundation. It showed people do care.


Can you think of something you, or a group you are involved in, might do as a fundraiser for BASF?

An excerpt from the current BASF newsletter, thanking us for the donation raised at our Bondi Pavilion exhibtion, LOSS.