Contemporary Art for Sale or Rent

May, 2014

Two upcoming events to report this month. The first is a performance by Sydney Art Exchange with guest artist, Teong Eng Tan at In The Spotlight at Tara Anglican School for Girls, Parramatta. Convener of the show and Sydney Art Exchange member Anya Pesce, sums it up:

Come, join us and have a conversation on art

Sydney Art Exchange and Guests (SAEaG) invite you to join them in having a conversation about art. The dialogue acts as an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings on various themes. This conversation will take place in the courtyard Junior School library on Saturday  May 17 from 2pm-3.30pm.

Secondly, two of our members, Elke Wohlfahrt and Corinne Brittain have each had works accepted for the upcoming HarbourSculpture 2014 at Clarke’s Point in Hunters Hill. Elke has collaborated with Kay Norton-Knight to produce Lotte and Corinne has collaborated with Ian Brittain to produce a site specific (site-responsive) work, The Tide is High (but we’re holding on).

HarbourSculpture runs from Thursday 17July to Wednesday 27July

Lotte (left) by Elke and Kay will be heading for HarbourSculpture