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January  2013

Corinne Brittain, Elke Wohlfahrt, Eleanor Er and Kerry MacAulay, four of the six members of Sydney Art Exchange, were deeply impressed during their recent art trip to Victoria.

The main reason for their trip was the exhibition by the international artist Louise Bourgeois at the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen near . “We were very excited about this show and we highly recommend it if you are interested in sculpture and installation as well as drawing, painting and printmaking” said Elke Wohlfahrt.

The exhibition continues to March 11, 2013. Find details on

At the National Gallery of Victoria, they saw the show of Thomas Demand, a German photomedia artist. He builds models of scenes he is interested in and takes photos of those. “We couldn’t believe that even the rain in a video was made of paper.” The Show continues to March 17, 2013. Find details on

Last but not least they visited the Australian Contemporary Centre of Art (ACCA). “We could have spent the whole day viewing these brilliant videos and installations in  “Desire Lines”. It is rare to see the art historical timeline of  works by these famous artists from all over the world in one spot.The exhibition continues to March 3, 2013. For Details click