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Sydney Art Exchange Member Kerry MacAulay’s reports on her PhD project:

“I have initiated an art activity in which I am working with the local community around the Barmah Forest to support the endangered Superb Parrot.

The only location in Victoria where the Superb Parrot breeds is the Barmah Forest. However the birds also require vegetation outside the Forest to forage in. Twenty years ago a local group of farmers began the task of revegetating the farmland around the forest with trees and shrubs which the Superb Parrots favour.

Each year in the Spring the group plants thousands of trees and each tree is protected from the weather and from rabbits and hares by a milk carton. My plan is to have one or two community painting days in the main street of Nathalia (the local town) where members of the community will be invited to paint milk cartons for the Superb Parrot plantings inspired by the birds and the Forest.

There will also be an opportunity for some to participate in planting the trees using the painted cartons. I am interested to observe how this activity might increase the community’s awareness of the fragility of the birds and the Forest. I hope that their involvement in this art project will inspire the community to imagine the sustainable future of the Forest. “ the Sydney Art Exchange Studio in West Ryde, we are preparing for our next exhibitions at the Arthouse Hotel, Pitt, St, Sydney in October 2012 and at Gaffa Galleries, Sydney CBD in December, 2012. We will keep you informed.